Leander Snijders

Nickname: Daapse Herder
Embolus: Producer, technician, synthesizer
Birth: November 17, 1981, Veldhoven
Lives: Valkenswaard, the Netherlands
Job: System & network administrator at a financial company
Music: I mostly listen to trance, hardstyle and hardcore but I also like other kinds of music. I’m not a dweep that says that other music sucks because it’s not his thing
Hobby’s: Producing music, computers, internet, designing my website (address is below) and playing squash (probably the only healthy thing that I do..)
Drinks: in antithesis to André, regular beer, more expensive drinks like whiskey (Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker), red wine (< € 10,-), Belgian beers (like Liefmans Kriek, and all kinds of patertjestrappist)
Eats: Healthy meals, mainly Dutch kitchen
Dislikes: Irritating, unhonest & unreliable people
Website: Check out my website at www.leandro.nl