About Us

We started out in 1998 as a two-man project by Roel and Leander, to create a mixture of EBM and trance music. After creating “Live Is Over” and “Krieg Im Himmel” we discovered a new style which we liked very much. It was a mixture of neofolk and electro. This is the style which we adopted for our newer albums. For our very first live gig a new member André joined us, so we became a three-man band.

After the album “Are The Stories Right” (known for hitsong “Sunna”) Dj Cybercase approached us and soon took us under his wing and became our booker. Soon after the album “Bluot Zi Bluoda” we started playing all around the Netherlands. Around the same time a fourth member, Patrick, who became our VJ, joined the band. With these four members Embolus became the band it is today.