About the band Embolus

Embolus started in 1998 as a two-man project to make a mixture of EBM and trance. After making the songs Live is over and Krieg im Himmel we discovered another style which we liked very much. It was a mixture of neofolk and electro. This was the style which we used for the upcoming cd’s. For our very first gig a new member joined Embolus and we became a three-man band.

After the demo “Are The Stories Right” (with the hitsong Sunna) we were discovered by Dj Cybercase and he soon became our booker. Soon after the demo “Bluot Zi Bluoda” we started playing all around Holland and soon a fourth member, who became our VJ, joined the band. With four members Embolus became the band it is today.

In the late winter of 2005 we released a new album called “All Natures Child.” On this album we got the help of some guest-musicians to play the acoustic instruments like a flute, a violin, acoustic guitar and a female voice. The music became more mature and the trance parts have come back. It’s a very diverse album with the stumping song “The Leprechaun” and the neofolk song “The Source Of Our Land.”

Our current playlist for live performances will surely make you move your feet and dance to the delicate sounds of Embolus.